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#30 Sara Delpopolo on Social Media Policies

Sara Delpopolo is the Principal of Axis Legal, a Sydney-based practice with specialisations in Information Technology and Telecommunications, and Social Media Law. Sara is also the author of Social Media – Playing by the Rules. In this episode Sara discusses the elements which make up a practically useful and legally robust social media policy.

SD02Episode #30 – Host: Tim Martin
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Sara Delpopolo LinkedIn and Twitter
Axis Legal website, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
Social Media – Playing by the Rules by Sara Delpopolo

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#28 Josh Cobb on the Real Estate Industry’s Use of Social Media

Josh Cobb is the founder and director of Stepps, a digital marketing company that works with real estate businesses. Josh’s own professional experience in residential property sales and property management provides him with an insider’s perspective on where the local industry sits when it comes to effective social media and content marketing.

Episode #28 – Host: Tim Martin
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Josh Cobbs LinkedIn and Twitter
Steeps websiteFacebook and LinkedIn,
Steeps blog and podcast

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#25 Teri Lichtenstein on Social Media Use by Nutritionists & Dietitians

Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited nutritionist, practising dietitian (APD) and sports dietitian discusses the impact that social media and ‘Dr.Google’ is having on the food and healthcare sectors. As consumers are presented with innumerable sources of fast-moving information online what now denotes credibility – substantiated facts or the number of followers? How can practicing nutritionists and dietitians make themselves heard in a space where anyone can be the (self-proclaimed) expert?

Episode #25 – Host: Tim Martin
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Teri Lichtenstein Twitter and LinkedIn
FoodBytes website

Michele Bridges 12WBT
Pete Evans Facebook Page 
Tim Crowe Thinking Nutrition Blog
Deakin University, Masters of Dietetics Course (where Teri lectures in social media)
#DASS2014 via Tagboard (used at the Dairy Australia blogging event with images showing dairy products and calcium)
PDF eBook – co-authored by Teri with other dietitian bloggers ($10 to purchase)

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#23 Kristy Hughes on Social Media at Saatchi & Saatchi

Kristy Hughes is the Senior Content & Community Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney. She and her team have implemented an innovative technique to boost social media engagement and brand awareness on behalf of their clients. It’s being done by leveraging  brand-aligned news stories with an added dose of targeted spend. The results are impressive.

Episode #23 – Host: Tim Martin
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Kristy on LinkedIn & Twitter
Saatchi & Saatchi website

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#21 Gerry McCusker on Being a ‘Tough to Love’ Brand in Social Media

Organisations whose operational and reputational DNA involves enforcement, jurisdiction, policing, prohibition or taxation are not cool. Just aren’t. And when they’re on social, they’re more often flamed than famed.

Episode #21 – Host: Tim Martin
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Gerry McCusker on LinkedIn
EngageORM website, blog, YouTube and Flickr

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#20 Nicole Matejic on Social Media in Modern Warfare

Tweet and blogs are the new bombs and rockets. Nicole Matejic, a social media trainer for NATO offers a glimpse of modern warfare in an age of social networks.

Episode #20 – Host: Tim Martin
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Nicole Matejic on LinkedIn
Info Ops HQ website, blog, newsroom, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr
Rumour Tracker
@combatjourno on Twitter
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest
NET:101 blog post on the IDF’s use of social media

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#15 Tim Martin on Social Media

The tables are turned… Adam Franklin interviews me on his own podcast, Web Marketing That Works (originally posted 31 May 2014).

Episode #15 – Host: Adam Franklin
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Tim Martin

Web Marketing That Works Podcast (on iTunes)

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#14 Adam Franklin on Web Marketing That Works

Adam Franklin is the co-author of newly released book, Web Marketing That Works and the co-founder of Australian digital agency Bluewire Media. Adam discusses the path the traditional publishing process forced him to take, why he’s happy he took it, and also why he’s grateful he had a pre-existing digital/ social media platform to launch the book from.

Episode #14 – Host: Tim Martin
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Adam on LinkedIn and Twitter
Adam’s blog
Bluewire Media
Web Marketing that Works book (Amazon)
Web Marketing that Works Podcast (iTunes)
Verne Harnish
Valerie Khoo
Seth Godin
Jay Baer
Entrepreneur on Fire podcast
Podcast Launch: A complete guide to launching your Podcast, John Lee Dumas (Amazon)
Social Media Examiner podcast
Blubrry podcast plugin for WordPress

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#12 Mark Parker on Content

Mark Parker, Queensland State Manager at Kinship Digital,  social media speaker and trainer, talks content…. or more specifically, how to amplify reach and heighten impact.

Episode #12 – Host: Tim Martin
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Mark Parker on LinkedIn
Kinship Digital
LinkedIn Groups

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#09 Samantha Russell on School Children and Social Media

Do you know how our (your?) 11 and 12 year olds are interacting with social media? You might be surprised.

Samantha Russell has been a Melbourne 6th grade teacher for several years – she offers on-the-ground insight to her student’s apps of choice, the playground politics of online inclusion, and the ways in which children digitally communicate with one another away from the prying eyes of their parents.

Episode #09 – Host: Tim Martin
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Instagram web and mobile app

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