#25 Teri Lichtenstein on Social Media Use by Nutritionists & Dietitians

Teri Lichtenstein, an accredited nutritionist, practising dietitian (APD) and sports dietitian discusses the impact that social media and ‘Dr.Google’ is having on the food and healthcare sectors. As consumers are presented with innumerable sources of fast-moving information online what now denotes credibility – substantiated facts or the number of followers? How can practicing nutritionists and dietitians make themselves heard in a space where anyone can be the (self-proclaimed) expert?

Episode #25 – Host: Tim Martin
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Teri Lichtenstein Twitter and LinkedIn
FoodBytes website

Michele Bridges 12WBT
Pete Evans Facebook Page 
Tim Crowe Thinking Nutrition Blog
Deakin University, Masters of Dietetics Course (where Teri lectures in social media)
#DASS2014 via Tagboard (used at the Dairy Australia blogging event with images showing dairy products and calcium)
PDF eBook – co-authored by Teri with other dietitian bloggers ($10 to purchase)

 Full podcast transcript


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