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Website First, Social Media Second - Speaker Topic

The website is a lead generation tool and credibility touchpoint without equal. Adopting social media without getting your primary online asset humming - your website - is a wasted opportunity. 

This speaking topic has been delivered to a wide range of audiences across many different industry sectors - the principles apply equally well to commercially orientated companies, NFP's and membership organisations. It is available for delivery across Australia.



As businesses experiment with social media too many of them are diverting key resources and attention away from their website. Social media is an important and growing force, but the website needs to sits strategically in the middle.

Key Themes

An organisational website serves three main purposes:

1. As a credibility touch-point - the website is first place any go to find out anything about what you do. Make an exceptional first impression on all visitors.  

2. As a publishing platform - publishing industry specific online content is a powerful lead generator, and a thought-leadership play for any organisation  wanting to claim the position as the 'go-to' people.

3. As a conversion funnel  - get self-qualified visitors to the website and get them to perform an action of value: buy something, pick up the phone, fill in a contact form, donate, apply, visit the store locator pages, or sign up for your newsletter.

A website is...

  • Your online brand statement.
  • A business asset.
  • A  measurable - the analytics need to be in place. 
  • A visitor experience - make it easy and intuitive.
  • A vessel which needs to be filled with quality content over time.
  • Like a garden - it requires ongoing attention to keep it free of weeds.
  • Simple and costless to use - outsourcing page management is not an option.