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Tim Martin, TEC Speaker (The Executive Connection)


TEC Presentation:

The title and content of this workshop, now in its 13th year on the TEC circuit, has changed several times to reflect continual change in the digital environment. The current rendition - refreshed for 2019 - continues the theme of proactive online brand-positioning but with an increased emphasis on the social media channel.

An interactive group exercise is used to create an actual or theoretical social media strategic framework for each member organisation. This is a top-down business exercise with a focus on the transactional aspects of social media, including business-level reporting and ROI analysis.

Principal workshop themes:

  • website first, social media second
  • online publishing for brand credibility (thought leadership)
  • social media as a paid, hyper-targeted advertising medium
  • metric-driven accountabilities across any digital channel

The workshop material is suitable for both B2B & B2C organisations, regardless of size and industry. Member’s websites and social media are critiqued in advance, and member-related illustrations used as much as possible throughout the session.

Workshop Detail

Length: 3 hours, adaptable
Suitability: TEC, KEY, TECR, combined groups and member retreats
AV requirement: none, except a large screen or blank wall to project onto

Given the topical nature of workshop program – and provisional on room capacity - some Chairs invite TEC/R group members to bring along their marketing or comms person.

About Tim Martin

Tim has been a TEC speaker since 2006, and is a recipient of a Chair's Choice Award. His presentations consistently score in 90's. He is also a past member of KEY101 & TEC9.