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Social Media Buttons

Social media share, like, connect and follow buttons are mushrooming – if you have a website or blog, get them aligned to your advantage.

Unlike the first gen of share and bookmarking buttons/ chicklets of a few years back, the new breed are integrated with the big social media platforms, and in some instances with Google and Bing search. Furthermore, they are able to provide measurement on the social media influenced traffic which moves through your web properties. Other reporting features include referral and engagement data for your online content.

To bring a little social media functionality to a webpage near you requires the simple copy and paste of a snippet of code. Use the links below to see them in the wild, and then click through to where you can create your own.




Facebook Like Buttons

Facebook Registration

Facebook Send Button

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Comments Box

Facebook Website Activity Feed

Facebook Subscribe




Twitter Tweet Buttons

Twitter Follow Button

Twitter List Widget

Twitter Faves Widget

Twitter Search Widget

Twitter Profile Widget




LinkedIn Share Buttons

LinkedIn Recommend Product or Service

LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn Profile Widget

LinkedIn Company Insider Widget




Google +1 Buttons