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Selling Less of More in The Long Tail - Speaker Topic





The notion of The Long Tail flips the traditional sales funnel on its head. Rather than deploying expensive marketing initiatives to drive a gush of business interest - feeding the top of funnel -  let individuals within your target markets find you on their own terms (literally) at their moment of need.  

 Topic Themes

  • The smaller you are the easier you are to find - exploiting the power of niche online.
  • Understanding your market from a micro-segmentation perspective down to a market of one.
  • Using buyer personas to create the content and page structure of your website.
  • Identifying and dominating your chosen niche - go narrow, go deep.
  • Positioning the website as a workhorse lead generator.
  • Why publishing content through your website content must be an ongoing process.
  • Demonstrating and claiming subject matter expertise by plugging informational holes online.