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RSS Courses - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth



  • Identifying Common RSS Output Sources - Where on the web you can subscribe to ‘vanilla’ or your own filtered RSS feeds, including blogs, news & finance aggregators, and specific social media platforms.
  • Google Reader - Learn how to subscribe to, manage and share your RSS feeds using Google Reader.
  • RSS Feeds App Integration - Turn your RSS feeds into a magazine style format using the Flipboard app.
  • Inward RSS Content Widgets - Create a content widget for your website or blog which dynamically draws content from one or more RSS feeds.
  • Outward Branded Content Widgets - Create a branded content widget for your own RSS feeds enabling others to place copies of it (and your dynamic content feeds) into their own website or blog.
  • Google Alerts & Keyword Tracking Dashboards - Create RSS driven dashboards for keyword Google Alerts management and keyword trend analysis using Google Insights.
  • RSS Feed Management - Use Google Feedburner to burn your RSS feeds for analytics, subscriber management, and for automatic email delivery.
  • Filtered News Feeds - Extract filtered source, topic and keyword news RSS feeds from Google News – acts as free and real-time online ‘news clipping’ service.
  • Yahoo Pipes - Manage large numbers of individually filtered feeds with a single RSS or widget output.