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Personal Online Branding Course - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth



Personal Online Branding & Reputation Management

What the Web Knows About You and How That Happened

    • What the search engines have gleaned about you - running your own self-audit.
    • Personal privacy vs. personal online security – what’s the difference?
    • How to browse online privately or anonymously.

Protecting Your Name – Online Reputation

    • Setting up automated online monitoring for any new mentions of your name.
    • Enriching Google’s Page 1 search results for searches on your name.
    • Countering negative sentiment associated with your name.
    • Editing factual inaccuracies on Wikipedia pages (if you’re already well known).
    • Self-checking before publishing… never drink & post!

Establishing Your Credibility

    • Your digital portraiture.
    • Identifying which online touch-points are appropriate for you.
    • Ensuring your expertise and experience is discoverable to others.
    • Demonstrating thought leadership online.


Linkedin For Professional Networking

LinkedIn Basics

    • Understanding the core features of LinkedIn.
    • How these features relate to you as a business-person and also your company.

Your Profile – Creating a Professional Presence

    • The basics of your profile.
    • Using links to your company website or external blogs.
    • Incorporating video.
    • Balancing privacy with useful information for your career.

Company Profile – Showcasing your Company Products and Services

    • Creating a professional company page.
    • Adding products, locations, cover image and company logo.
    • Publishing business level content through your company page.

Building and Maintaining Your Professional Network

    • Finding people you know on LinkedIn.
    • Connection request etiquette.
    • Handling requests to connect.

How to Contribute Effectively to your Network

    • Finding the right LinkedIn Groups.
    • LinkedIn’s Question and Answer – what is it and how to use it.