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Online Public Relations Course

A hands-on look at the online tools and techniques of modern public relations and crisis management.

This in-house workshop heavily incorporates live how-to demonstrations from the web - it is suitable for executives who have direct implementation campaign responsibilities. Available in half and full-day formats.




Hub & Spoke
Create ‘Hub & Spoke’ content distribution positioning the organisational website, blog and media room as the hubs, and social media as the spokes: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

The Corporate Blog
Position the blog as the primary channel for long-form informational dissemination and clarification.

Twitter as a Real-Time Information Conduit
Position Twitter as the primary information link dissemination channel during a crisis.

Social Media Plugins
Push your live social media content around the web using customised social media plugins from Twitter and Facebook.

Creative Commons
Associate creative commons licensing to your online content specifying how your work may be used, copied, modified and distributed by others.


Online Media Rooms
Build an online media room, including pre-positioning of a standalone emergency ‘sleeper’.

Online Press Releases
Release news stories to the web for near real-time pick-up by Google News.

Social Media Press Releases
Integrate social media share and syndication functionality into your online press releases.


Embrace Self-Appointed Content Curators
Identify, manage and amplify the work of content curators during a crisis.

Curate, syndicate and embed a cross-platform social media storyboard using Storify.

Create topic image and video ‘boards’ with embedded webpage links to your own web properties.

Participate in the editing process of a Wikipedia page.

Google Maps & Google Earth
Create simple multimedia mapping layers to convey fluid information containing geographic reference points.

Multimedia Social and Geo-Tagging
Assign social and geo-tags to your social multimedia content to assist third party curators.


Google News Filtered Feeds
Set up your own near real-time online ‘news clipping’ service by extracting filtered topic and keyword RSS feeds from Google News.

Monitoring Dashboard using Flipboard
Integrate your RSS news feeds within the Flipboard app for magazine style viewing on a tablet device.


Paid Search
Activate quick-switch paid ads  from Google, Bing & Yahoo to capture page 1 attention around specific topic searches from people within defined geographies.

Search Engine Optimisation (Organic Search)
Flood page 1 with selected content relating to specific brand or topic keywords using standard search engine optimisation techniques.

Google Trends
Identify the information geographical specific communities are seeking based on their keyword usage through Google search.