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Online PR Crisis Example - Dominos Pizza

A further example of the vulnerabilities of big name brands to online attack…

Several points of note:

  • The official Dominos Pizza response was posted almost 3 days after the original post... way too slow – reaction time to an online PR crisis is crucial.
  • The number of views which the original post received in the first 24 hours was around 280 views per minute.
  • The Dominos Pizza response video uses the same title keywords ‘Disgusting Dominos People’ as the original post; this maximises the response video’s exposure to people searching on or viewing the original video post on YouTube.
  • Dominos Pizza found out about the offending video post from “online supporters” – they obviously weren’t proactively monitoring the social media space themselves.
  • The average rating of the original video post is 5 stars; the Dominos Pizza response video has an average rating of 4.5 stars. Posted comments around both videos are a combination of for and against, i.e. supporters and detractors have rallied around both of the videos.
  • The Dominos employee video looks, and is by all accounts, genuine; how easy would it be however for a competitor - or any person harbouring a grudge - to stage something similar and anonymously post it online?


The Original YouTube Post (April 13th 2009)
(NB: this video has been removed from YouTube,
but you can view it here)



The Official Dominos Pizza Reaction - April 16th 2009
(the original post was removed by Dominos - this is a reposted copy)