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Online Personal Branding Course

All senior executives, public entities, politicians, sports celebrities (and rock stars) can and must take greater personal control of their professional online brand. Reputations depend on it.

This in-house workshop incorporates live how-to demonstrations from the web. Available in a half-day format.



The Modern Web and You

  • What the search engines know about you already - running a self-audit
  • Personal privacy vs. your personal online security
  • Browsing online privately or anonymously

Establishing Your Credibility Online

  • Ensuring your expertise and experience is discoverable to others
  • Demonstrating thought leadership
  • Incorporating video into your online communications
  • Your digital portraiture

Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Presenting yourself with professionalism
  • Building a quality professional network
  • Filtering unwanted connections

Your Online Visibility - Exploring the Options

  • LinkedIn personal profile
  • Google+ personal profile
  • A blog
  • A personal website
  • Twitter

Protecting Your Name Online

  • Setting up automated online monitoring for any new mentions of your name
  • Dominating Google Page 1 searches for your name
  • Countering negative sentiment associated with your name
  • Editing factual inaccuracies on Wikipedia pages
  • Self-checking before publishing online

Adjusting Your Social Profile Privacy Settings

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook