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Online Business Intelligence Course - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth




Social Media Strategy
Use a strategy canvas to:
- align your social media activity with your stated organisational objectives, i.e. customer relations, leads and sales, brand visibility, crisis management, corporate reputation (thought leadership), event coverage, advocacy or recruitment.
- clarify the content demands to sufficiently fuel each of your chosen social media channels.
-  systemise the cross-promotion of your posts amongst your social media channels for extended reach.
- install bridging calls-to-action to move your social media community to your conversion end-points, i.e. your website, retail environment, contact centre or event.
- measure your social media derived conversions for return-on-investment reporting or internal justification. 

Social Media Publishing Calendars & Scheduling 
Establish a publishing or content calendar based on your objectives and resource capabilities; use a content canvas to plan your posts based on angle, format, timing, distribution points and reportable metrics; pre-schedule elements of your social media publishing schedule using Hootsuite.

Facebook Advanced
Review brand page quality indicators; increase page Likes naturally by consistently engaging your existing fan base; familiarise yourself with the Facebook newsfeed algorithm to maximise the organic (unpaid) reach of your posts; boost key posts at key times for extended reach; run gated-entry competitions using third-party apps; advanced reporting for brand page and individual post performance.

Twitter Advanced
Advanced keyword/ hashtag searching to target the right users to follow; build a community around your brand through proactive and consistent engagement; segment users into manageable marketing and communications lists; understand common Twitter abbreviations and user etiquette; insert rich media into your tweets, i.e. images, video and audio.

Instagram vs. Pinterest
Compare two powerful social media platforms, each with their own particular ways to capture, arrange and share images; contrast the differences between these platforms for branding, events, ecommerce and product categorisation.

Social Media Hashtags
Adopt hashtags as part of your social media publishing for increased visibility; define hashtags by category and use; promote your brand, competition and event related hashtags offline to facilitate social media sharing. 

Social Media Image Management
Apply simple and effective text and brand overlays options for your image-based posts; position strong visual branding across your social media platforms; source free images for your posts; use sophisticated online image editors for cropping, effects, overlays, frames, textures and collages. 

Social Media Storyboarding
Curate and distribute your own interactive storyboard by assembling select social media posts from other people or your own - discover an effective means of capturing the best social media stories generated around industry news, your events, or for social media campaign reporting purposes.