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LinkedIn Courses - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth


Discover how your business, not-for-profit or tertiary institution can effectively use LinkedIn to: 

  1. Connect directly with potential clients to build a steady flow of new leads
  2. Attract and retain great employees
  3. Build a quality network of referral partners
  4. Position your brand as an industry thought-leader

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

  1. How to navigate the new user interface on LinkedIn
  2. How to craft a powerful online profile
  3. How to systemise new lead generation for you and your organisation
  4. The essential elements that sales and client service professional need as part of their LinkedIn Profile to build personal credibility
  5. How to create and manage your own LinkedIn Company, Showcase or Tertiary Page to promote your conferences, programs, products and services
  6. The in's and out's of LinkedIn targeted advertising platform
  7. The advantages of a premium account and a comparison of the various paid tier option


  1. Plan Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - use LinkedIn to build your organisational and personal brand to attract new opportunities. Determine the type of clients to focus on, the type of PR you want to generate and the type of referral partners you want to attract.

  2. Position Yourself as the Preferred Choice Within Your Industry - create a personal profile which positions you as the credible expert. Your profile should articulate your individual blend of experience, knowledge and personality to set you apart from the competition.

  3. Promote Your Profile and Connect with Prospects - approach your ideal type of client with a sequence of communications which compels them to view out your profile, and then reach out to you or your organisation. 

  4. Participate in Conversations - apply a direct messaging strategy which builds rapport with your ideal type of client so they start to recognise you and your organisation. Determine the best LinkedIn groups to join for lead generation purposes.  

  5. Publish Content Which Helps Convert Browsers into Buyers – develop a content plan for the publication of articles through LinkedIn to build industry-level credibility in the minds of potential clients and referral partners. We look at sponsored content advertising as an option to increase your audience reach.

  6. Systemise Your Approach to Propagate Leads and Opportunities - follow the essential steps to harvesting leads to build a steady flow of new enquiries to your business. We’ll review two leading marketing automation software systems to help put lead generation on semi-auto.

  7. Pursue the Opportunities Offline - follow-up on a LinkedIn marketing campaign and move the conversations off-line, e.g. to an initial phone call or face-to-face appointment. 

This workshop has a strong organisational focus. It covers the necessary steps to optimise the LinkedIn profiles of each of your client-facing team members and executives to collectively generate more leads, applications, PR and referral partnerships for your organisation.