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Internet Marketing Computer Lab Course

With the assistance of two expert instructors you will be stepped through the processes of opening and customising the most important Google and social media accounts for your business. Although part of a class, you will be working on your own business accounts.

This course will provide you with hands-on familiarity with the internet's most important business platforms; but you will also leave the session with your online business accounts set up and customised. You will use your newly created Google business account (including Gmail) to email the analytics tracking and verification codes, keywords lists and all account login details to yourself at work.



- Set up your business Twitter account and customise your channel
- Post, respond to, and forward a tweet (retweet)
- Use hashtags for commonly themed posts
- Use URL shorteners


- Create a Facebook business page
- Create a segmented Facebook advertising campaign
- View your Facebook analytics dashboard


- Set up your YouTube business account
- Search engine optimise your videos and configure viewing/ sharing settings
- View your YouTube analytics dashboard


- Claim your business listing/s
- Set up a FourSquare promotional campaign
- View FourSquare analytics dashboard


- Create a personal LinkedIn profile
- Set up a business LinkedIn profile
- Create a segmented LinkedIn advertising campaign


- Set up your Google Analytics business account
- Create the analytics tracking code for your website
- View your Google Analytics dashboard


- Analyse local search volume for your target keywords
- Learn how to use keyword matching filters
- Generate your own target keyword list 


- Set up your Google AdWords business account
- Create a trial AdWords campaign (ad creation, keyword triggers, bidding and targeting)
- Set campaign budget ceilings


- Claim, verify and search engine optimise one of your physical business locations
- Insert images and video into your business listing
- Create a redeemable coupon (print and mobile)
- Respond and manage business reviews


- Create real-time email alerts for any online mentions of your business, brands or competitors
- Use negative filters for cleaner reporting


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