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Instagram Courses - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth



    • The app anatony
    • Show don't tell
    • Identifying key influencers
    • Instagram etiquette
    • Hacking Instagram stories (upload anything)
    • Instagram contests and promotions
    • Optimised posting times
    • Content creation and inspiration
    • Concept, test and repeat
    • Growing other channels through Instagram
    • Instagram shopping
    • Followers to customers
    • Content creation workflow
    • Capturing images for Instagram
    • User-generated content (UGC)
    • The best online tools for measuring and tracking your Instagram account
    • Instagram boosting - do’s and do not’s
    • Generating a ROI from your social spend


    • Copy of all slides and resources used throughout the presentation
    • A cheat-sheet of all tactics and check-lists for Instagram marketing
    • Real life case studies of Instagram management and campaigns that have worked for business
    • Immediate ‘takeaways’ for you to improve your Instagram presence