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cross-posting - asset summary/ CTA

Demo link:


Facebook – paste blog URL

Twitter - Paste webpage URL

LinkedIn – paste webpage URL

Anything with a URL to Pinterest 


cross-posting - streaming media  


Video (YouTube)

Into Facebook

Into Linkedin


Video (Instagram)

Instagram video into Facebook


Audio (Soundcloud)

Into Facebook

Into Twitter

automated/ semi-automated sharing

Facebook to twitter (automated - spam example)

Instagram into Facebook tab (app - automated)


share & utility buttons

Sportsgirl page



conversion bridges
from anywhere on the blog

Within a blog post


Youtube video card


Uploaded video on Facebook


On a Facebook cover page (and CTA button)


Facebook - Tips and Techniques
Demo URL





Demo URL


NET:101 testimonials page - Embedding example


Rich Media examples - NET:101 case study page


Bid brand engagement example - Nespresso


View Conversations Qantas


Lists - 2 Sticks Digital Twitter


Live Tweeting - Storify board example


Tweet-ups - #CENetTweet example




Never fall in love with a liker




Board example - Inside a NET:101 course
Board example - Elsa & Rick 


Royalty Free - iStock black puppy


Free photosharing sites - Pixabay




Image locker example - Pinterest


Collage example - Facebook post













Geotag Filters (Circular Quay)


Hashtag Filters (Circular Quay)


Tagging (melbournetodo)

Conversations (monsieurguerlain)





Sales catalogue - user generated (Frank Body)


Sales catalogue - ecommerce facilitation (Fox and Fawn)


Sales catalogue - embed shoppable gallery (Steele)


Story-Telling (Monsieur Guerlain)


Location specific - recycled (Sydney City Council)


Embedded - user generated (Qantas)


Recycling/ Cross-Posting (into Facebook)


Pinterest - Use Cases
As Individuals 
Search engine - 'bathroom tile designs' example
Bookmarking - recipes example

Cataloging/ indexing - fragrances example

Mood boards/ scrap books - street art example

Mood board embed - Cream Melbourne



As Businesses


Sales catalogue (click thru to ecommerce webpage) - Nordstrom


Inspiration (no click-thru) - Timothy Lee Landscape Design


Virtual portfolio (no click-thru) - Smithsonian


Entry point to website/blog - NET:101 blog posts


Recycling/ Cross-Posting  - #NET101 instagram posts

Group boards - recipe example