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Course Resources: Very Good Facebook Ads








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Sales Funnel

During the course, I refer to the sales funnel a lot. Here’s a reminder of my definition in terms of Facebook ads:

Awareness - recommended video (in format) presentation in a placement that is a ‘discovery phase’.
Interest - additional information on your business
Decision - offer or alternative creative
Action - drive website sales or actions, tracked by our Facebook Pixel.


Facebook and Instagram Placement Definitions

Discovery Phase
If have no specific intention, instead, I am scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram feed, or even tapping through Facebook Stories. (Also added to Facebook Messenger now). This is a great opportunity to reach new people depending on your business objective. Don’t forget that only some aspects of the sales funnel are applicable here.

Intention Phase
I know what I’m doing. I’m looking for a new dog bed in Facebook marketplace, reading an article or I am playing a game. During this phase, only very specific and interesting messages are going to cut through. It is possible to gain decision and action results in this phase.


Common Content Mistakes

Expectations Versus Reality
If your ad is designed to drive website traffic then consistency is your friend. If there are any variations from your advertisement to your landing page then people will get confused and when people are confused they don’t buy things and when people don’t buy things we all get upset. 

Terrible Stock Images
There are stock images and then there are stock images. I’m talking about a couple riding on a tandem bicycle. These images are horrific and you need to stop using them.

The only reason why you have an image in your ad is to gain enough attention for someone to stop scrolling for a moment so they are evaluate how relevant your ad is to them. Stock imagery is as boring as you can get. Sites like Unsplash have some stock images that are OK if you do not have original content. It’s the role of your imagery to get attention, that’s it. They do not have to tell the whole story in one instance.

A client of mine once asked me to asses their ads and only had bad stock imagery. I only changed the imagery, same audience and placements and the clicks increased six times.


Movement and Videos

Humans are very good at noticing movement. This is an evolutionary benefit. If you place a fake snake on the ground at your office, people will notice it immediately. If you place a stapler on the ground, it can take days for anyone to notice it. That’s because we have not been conditioned to notice staplers for millions of years. Same goes for movement, typically still things are not dangerous so we don’t look at them. So, why not have an animation, slideshow, 3D image or Boomerang as your ad instead of a single image? Same goes for eyes and faces, we’re very good at detecting faces and they can lead to more engagement.


You Love Your Logo

We get it. You like your logo, it’s really nice and your may be spent a lot of time on it. You have it on your door, business cards and on the side of your Toyota Yaris, it’s beautiful. However, no one else cares about it as much as you. If you put it as the feature of your ad, you are a loser. Your ad isn’t for you, it’s for other people.


Teaser Content

Coming soon content is really hard to get to work unless your content is 100% stunning.


People are Dumb

Especially with ecommerce, you need to spell it all out. You need to be very specific and talk exactly about the product for it to sell.


High Quality Content

Instagram was originally called that because it was instant, it was real. I’ve said to many companies that there’s nothing wrong with live and real content. However, what I mean by that is in real time, not low quality. If you are going to spend money on ads, at least have high quality content. It can be live but low quality is a deal breaker.



This is really where its at. Everything I’ve mentioned on this page and in my courses comes from testing many many ads. It’s rare that you’ll create something that people will love immediately. One of the big rules of testing comes from only testing ONE thing at a time. If you change the audience and also the copy then you’re not testing, you’ve created a new ad. Facebook is good at letting you run AB tests now. You can use their automatic systems or create your own workflow. Know exactly what you’re trying to test at the beginning and let the data guide you.



Facebook does not like too many words, therefore neither do I. If you have too many words in your image then it won’t run properly, there’s an easy way to check your text ratio so there’s no excuse to run these ads.



Your audience and your creative need to be connected. Check out this ad for the RACV, it’s actually great apart from a few small things. Creating a postcode based ad for the RACV:


Audience and tracking

Buyer Personas
HubSpot - Make my Buyer Persona Tool

Facebook Business Manager Setup Guide

Lookalike Audiences - Guide


Assign Instagram to Business Manager

Marcus’ instructions: recommended to add before attending the course:


Facebook Dimensions Page - however, you can now navigate to this under “Creative Hub” in Facebook Business Manager


Facebook Business Manager - Creation - this is the site we are going to spend 90% of the day going through in detail.

How to set up default or different payments for Ad Manager: 

Business Manager level (default) 

Ad Manager level



Install Facebook Pixel Code
Common site installation instructions:

Install Event Code


CRT File Creation for Subtitles Adding subtitles to Facebook videos (for improved visibility), see Marcus’ instruction video in the Facebook Closed Group.


Creating a Facebook Messenger ChatBot

There are many tools to use to create a ChatBot, we like and


Advanced Instagram Tracking


Instagram Scheduling (with a discount code) or enter the code 'melbournetodo' when registering for a discount



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