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Content Marketing Courses - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth



Building the Internal Case for a Content Marketing Strategy

- Boosting brand credibility, leads and sales.
- Adopting a thought leadership position within your industry sector.
- Increasing online search visibility.
- Better servicing of existing customers.
- Building a content supply for your social media.

Content Marketing Industry Examples

- Mini content marketing case-studies from the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Content Marketing Production and Distribution Techniques

- Identifying typical buyer research/ decision cycles within your target markets.
- Publishing according to different buyer persona informational needs.
- Optimising your content for organic search engine visibility.
- Adding value to your target audiences by finding, filtering, and repackaging the content of others  (‘content curation’).
- Extending the life of your content by repurposing it into other formats.
- Amplifying the reach of your branded content using social media.

Content Publishing Framework

- Establishing a structured content production workflow and publication cycle.

Image Management for Social Media Profiles & Posts

- Managing the imagery and branding elements on your social media profile pages (wallpapers and covershots).
- Basic image manipulation – cropping, rotations, collages & frames.
- Applying brand and text overlays onto social media image-based posts.
- Image sourcing for image-based posts, e.g. on your Facebook timeline.

Outsourced Graphic Design

- Finding a quality outsourced graphic designer for US$10/hour.

Blogging for Business (on WordPress)

- Building the internal case for a business blog.
- Convincing other executives to buy-in on the blogging commitment by sharing their expertise.
- Hosting a WordPress blog on your own domain.
- Purchasing and installing a WordPress theme.
- Choosing and installing WordPress plugins.
- Creating, scheduling and editing a post.
- Comments moderation and engagement.

Building a Business Video Library (on YouTube)

- Building the internal case for a video library.
- Video content categories beyond sales and marketing.
- Hardware requirements and setting up an in-house ‘recording studio’.
- Basic video editing software for Mac & PC.
- Creating intro and outro video segments.
- Integrating a backing soundtrack.
- Publishing to YouTube and channel customistion.
- YouTube video analytics.

Podcasting for Business

- Building the internal case for a podcast/ audio series.
- Hardware requirements.
- Basic audio editing software for Mac & PC.
- Creating intro and outro audio segments (and how to find an inexpensive voiceover artist).
- Audio file hosting and distribution – SoundCloud  and iTunes.

Email Newsletters

- Building up a qualified email database.
- Email distribution software - Campaign Monitor & MailChimp.
- Using branded email templates.
- Email analytics – open and click-thru rates


- Building the internal case for using infographics to communicate information visually.
- Infographic formats – data-driven and conceptual.
- DIY infographics applications.