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Blogging Courses - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth





- Identify and understand the informational needs of your target audiences.
- Make you blog posts findable online – SEO and the long-tail of organic search.
- How subject-matter expertise is demonstrated, and thought-leadership established via blogging within chosen niches.
- Use research tools and comments analysis to explore ways to generate ideas for blog posts and other social media content.
- Use multimedia with your blog posts - text, images, video and audio - to craft a compelling story.
- Establish categories and structure for your blog. 
- The role of commenting, commenting etiquette and dealing with negative comments.
- Reaching out to bloggers – why bloggers blog and what's in it for them (commercial and non-commercial drivers).
- Hosting guest bloggers or being a guest blogger.
- Using social media to promote your blog posts.