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Advanced SEO Resources - Quick Links & Slideshows

Firefox Addons


Foxy SEO Tool
It clutters your browser with another toolbar, but the options and info available here are downright awesome. Everything you need, once you know where to find it.


Rank Checker
Essential and fast. It’s a lovely little rank checker, it’s never let me down, and I only wish it was available for Chrome too.


SEO For Firefox
A little like Foxy SEO Tool, right-click on any page to bring up metrics and data.


Google Global
This lets you see Google results as they appear to people based in different locations. Useful for checking how a Melbourne-based company appears to Melbourne-based searchers, and also does a good job of mimicking Adwords impressions based on location (again, very useful for location-specific research).


SEOMoz MozBar
I use SEOMoz’s toolset a lot, and the Mozbar is a great little frontend to the data.


General Tools

Advanced Web Ranking

Xenu Linksleuth

SERP Snippet Optimiser


Directory Critic

Market Samurai

Open Site Explorer



Keyword Spy

Microformat hCard Creator

Microformat hCalendar Creator