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Building The Case: Instagram Marketing for Business



Dear <Principal’s Name>,

I am seeking approval to attend a strategic social media marketing training course on >date<.

Course provider, NET:101, is Australia’s largest social media educator for business, and specialises in content marketing, search optimisation & analytics, and all aspects of social media.

The course I would like to attend is: Instagram Marketing for Business.

This course details the strategy and process to grow an Instagram database. The course outlines the best practices for nurturing and maintaining customers through Instagram. It will also assist me in measurement and reporting to determine an ROI from our social media efforts. The course is focused on automation and scheduling to ensure our Instagram efforts are executed in an efficient manner.

I have investigated similar courses with competitors, and have found NET:101’s course outline to be the most relevant and compelling, and its pricing most competitive.

The cost for this single-day course is $895.

If approved, I will of course share key takeaways on my return. I believe there will be outcomes that can be immediately implemented to enhance our online marketing approaches and directly impact our bottom line.


Thank you for your consideration. 

Regards, >Your Name<