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Building The Case: Advanced Social Media & Strategy


Dear >Principal’s Name<,

I am seeking approval to attend a strategic Social Media Marketing training course on >date<.

Course provider, net101, is Australia’s largest social media educator for business, and specialises in content marketing, search optimisation & analytics, and all aspects of social media.

The course I would like to attend is: Advanced Social Media & Strategy.

This course promotes a practical, structured, business-like approach to Social Media marketing, with strong emphasis on measurement and reportage. It will assist me to strategically select the optimum mix of social media channels for our audience; to monitor engagement across multiple platforms; to curate high value content, and to work more efficiently by using timesaving content-scheduling applications.

I have investigated similar courses with competitors, and have found net101’s course outline to be the most relevant and compelling, and its pricing most competitive.

The cost for this single-day course is $895.

net101 also offers an introductory course which runs the day prior. Although not a requirement for attendance at the advanced course, Internet Marketing & Social Media Essentials provides an ideal preamble the advanced course.

If we book for both courses, net101 will offer a 30% discount on the cost of each course.

If approved, I will of course share key takeaways on my return. I believe there will be outcomes that can be immediately implemented to enhance our online marketing approaches and directly impact our bottom line.

Thank you for your consideration.


Regards, >Your Name<