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Sydney, NSW
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Social Media Law & Risk Management - Sydney

Social Media Law & Risk Management - Sydney

A full-day workshop led by Sara Delpopolo, a lawyer specialising in Social Media and the law. Sara will bring a local perspective to the session, citing from her experience working with commercial, NGO and government organisations operating within Australia. Sara has published widely on the subject of social media and risk management, including a recent book, 'Social Media: Playing by the Rules.'

The major topics covered will include social media policies (legal and educative), user moderation and defamation, digital IP protection, user-generated content and copyright, investor relations, competitions, controversial/ negative post management.

The session will additionally include live demonstrations of advanced techniques for finding, citing, archiving and historically retrieving web-based and social media content.

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Who it's for

Commercial, NGO or government organisations wishing to embrace social media, and mitigate their exposure to legal risk.

Who it's not for

This is not a social media marketing session, although it would be relevant to anyone responsible for any social media marketing or engagement within their own organisation.

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One of the bigger fears organisation face is that the public has an active voice on social media that cannot always be controlled. So how do you make sure that your organisational profile and brands are enhanced, and what legal rights and remedies do you have?

External social media policies: your “House Rules”

    • Terms and Conditions
    • Spam and privacy
    • Content moderation and user generated content: what laws apply?


    • You are a journalist (the defamation laws apply to you too) – so what are they?
    • Opinions and statements, retweeting or sharing posts: how to avoid crossing the legal boundaries. What action can you take if this occurs?

Crisis management: when and how do you take legal action without snowballing unwanted social media backlash?



How the proper management of internal communications can reinforce a positive corporate culture and enhance consumer confidence in your brands.

What legal issues you need to consider when creating your in-house social media policy, and how to ensure your employees are properly protected and engaged.

The workplace laws you need to know: what rights do you and your employees have? Fairwork Australia and recent social media cases you should be aware of.

Corporate governance and risk assessment: how senior management and executives keep within the legal borders when engaging in social media. A look at private and publicaly listed companies:

    • ASX Guidance Note 8 as a ‘best practice’ tool for your company, whether or not it is listed
    • Investor relations

Protecting your home turf: who owns what? Social media pre-nups with employees, contractors and service providers. Understanding confidential information and restraints of trade.



Virtual IP rights: what are they and how do you get them?

Help! I’ve been hijacked! What happens when you discover someone else has registered the social media pages of your company, your brands or even your own identity?

Infringement of registered IP rights on social media:

    • Enforcement and legal strategies: local and global considerations including how to interact with social media platforms to ensure your rights are properly managed and protected.
    • The “David vs Goliath” syndrome: when you come under attack by consumer ‘support’ social media groups and your legal rights.

Copyright materials: owner or user? Licensing, authorisation and the right of attribution.

The Consumer Laws - the ACCC is big brother and he’s looking at you:

    • Sponsored links and keyword advertising
    • Consumer engagement: how to avoid misleading and deceptive conduct for third party posts on your social media sites



Using social media platforms to promote your company and brands is a low-cost no brainer.  However this is easier said than done, as brilliant marketing campaigns will be ‘road-blocked’ by senior management if they are not comfortable about the legal parameters. How do you ensure your company stands out from the social media crowd without falling foul of the law?

Contracting with your digital agencies, mobile app and software developers

The laws applicable to using marketing databases and relevant cases: mCommerce, social media followers and new digital technology used in consumer engagement such as beacons:

    • Privacy laws
    • Spam
    • Handling ACCC or ACMA investigations

Reviews, testimonials and endorsements: true or false?

    • Using fans, followers or celebrities to promote your company and brands. Recent cases and the Consumer Laws.

Advertising codes of conduct and standards (advertising to children whether you like it or not, and other legal considerations)

The laws governing trade promotions and competitions on social media



Online tools and techniques for keeping track and who said what, where and exactly when.

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Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


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