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Brisbane, QLD
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Social Media For Real Estate Agencies: Masterclass Series 2015 - Brisbane

Social Media For Real Estate Agencies: Masterclass Series 2015 - Brisbane

This masterclass is ideal for anyone working in the real estate industry. The case studies and examples are drawn from businesses who sell and manage residential property - not only here in Australia, but from around the globe.

Discover how to build your social media platforms; create compelling content to raise brand awareness and generate leads; tap into high-value, local market niches online; position your business as a subject matter expert and brand leader; and demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through measurement and reportage. Learn how great real estate brands get noticed, liked and shared online.

The masterclass will be co-presented by Tim Martin, the founder of NET:101 and it's principal trainer, and Josh Cobb, the founder and director of Stepps – A digital marketing agency focused on real estate. It is an interactive session with live online demonstrations and limited to 50 people – guaranteeing a tightly focused and effective learning format. A Certificate of Training is provided. Online booking options include payment by Visa, MasterCard, Amex or via invoice.

Still have some questions?  Call Josh Cobb on 1300 139 891.

Listen to the co-presenters, Tim and Josh, discuss the role of social media in the real estate sector via this podcast. 

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Who it's for

If your company is wondering what to say or do on social media, it’s for you. If you have a suspicion that your business is underexposed in the digital arena, it’s for you. If marketing, business development or sales PR or communications are part your area of expertise of your job description, but you just don’t get social media, it’s definitely for you.

Who it's not for

If you’re looking for an instant payoff on your social media investment, it’s not for you. There’s no magic bullet.



Increase the number of quality likes to your company page by consistently posting and sharing engaging content that your clients and prospects actually want – unlike most other real estate teams. Stop selling, start helping.

Create your own branded YouTube video library. Integrate online videos with your existing marketing or communications mix and/ or stream them through your social media channels.

Understand why a blog should be the centrepiece of your social media strategy (and why long-form writing is such a valued online skill).


It’s the centre of your universe, so Website first; social media second. Position your core online branded presence as a strong and credible touch-point before branching out.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Manage your own website content without technical or coding experience – publish directly, quickly and often.

Organic Search
Optimise your website for organic search. Appear high in Google search results by understanding the informational needs of smaller, high-value segments within your overall market, and publishing to them.

Google Analytics
Measure the effectiveness of your website to attract and convert traffic through any number of your conversion paths using free Google Analytics.


Build an Audience for your Business
Educate first; sell second. Position yourself or your organisation agency as the subject-matter expert within your industry sector. Enhance your brand’s reputation and boost the credibility of your value propositions by continually layering non-sales-related material through your website and social content.


Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


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