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Melbourne, VIC
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Google Analytics for Business - Melbourne

Google Analytics for Business - Melbourne

A full-day of demonstrations to show you how to take fuller advantage of the tracking and reporting capabilities of Google Analytics. There will be a strong emphasis on website goal conversion set-up and source analysis - in particular for your digital and social media marketing campaigns.

This is an beginner to intermediate level course for marketers and business-owners - you do not need any technical skills, but a basic familiarity with Google Analytics would be helpful. 

We keep class sizes small – 15 participants, max – so that there’s always time for questions or clarification. At the end of the day, you’ll leave with your course book, your newfound analytics knowledge, and an open invitation to avail yourself of the mountain of online resources on the net101 website. We also provide a Certificate of Training.

  • Create your own Measurement Plan and install aligned conversion goals on your website
  • Generate reports to build or validate an internal business-case
  • Calculate a return-on-investment for all campaigns driving traffic to your website e.g. via paid social media, Google AdWords or SEO
  • Cross-reference campaign data supplied by external agencies with your own custom reports

This course can be booked with any other net101 course for a combined 30% discount, i.e. the cost for booking two courses together is $1253. If you are considering doing this we recommend doing the Google Analytics course after your social media one. 

When ready, book online and pay with Visa, MasterCard or Amex, or opt to pay via invoice (emailed to you automatically at the completion of your booking).

Still have some questions? Read our FAQs; flick us an email, or call 1300 946101 to have a chat with somebody in the call centre. Actually, there’s no call centre. That number goes straight to Tim.


Who it's for

For anyone who knows that the numbers don't lie...

Who it's not for

Not for you if you don't know if Google Analytics is on your website already :)

Program Program PDF (1MB)

Account Set-Up and Filters
Methods for inserting the GA tracking code in your website or blog, and testing the code install. Structure property settings for multiple web properties, and create one or more filtered views for each website, microsite or blog (including filtering all traffic from your own staff).

Guest Access
Grant and manage levels of guess access at account, property and view level to third parties such as agencies or consultants.

Measurement Plan
Course exercise: create a measurement plan for your own organisation. Identify your business objectives, strategy, tactics and your key performance indicators (the metrics you'll be monitoring and reporting on).

Goal and Event Tracking Set-Up
Set up of your website goals and events and install monetary conversion values for each. Course exercise: calculate the Australian dollar value for your non-monetary conversion actions.

External Campaign Tracking Using Campaign URL's
Track all types of campaign click-thru's to your website by creating simple campaign URL's (UTM's). Cross-reference your inbound campaign traffic with your goal and event data and attribute the conversion values backwards to the campaign medium, source and name for return-on-investment analysis.

Social Media Campaign Tracking
Install campaign URL's into any of your social media organic posts and ads. We'll review where and how trackable campaign URL's can be installed across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Landing Page Optimisation
Landing page considerations to increase your website conversion rates.

Create segmented campaigns via Google AdWords targeting people who have already visited your website.

Identifying High-Value Traffic sources
Analyse which mediums and sources of traffic engage with your website in the most meaningful way.

Aligning Site Content for Search & Engagement
Analyse and assess the relative performances of different types of content, and how these findings can influence a future content strategy.

Automated Reporting
Schedule recurring reports to be emailed automatically to yourself or others.

Custom Reporting
Create your own custom reports.

Segmented Reporting
Create custom segments, reports and dashboards.

Ecommerce Reporting
Incorporate advanced tracking for e-commerce websites.

Google AdWords Reporting
Associate your Google AdWords account with your Google Analytics account for advanced AdWords campaign return-on-spend analysis.

Advanced Data Segmentation
Set up advanced segments on-the-fly, and how they can be used to answer specific questions and form specific metrics 

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Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer

Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist, an educator and winelover.


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