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Perth, WA
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Google Analytics Essentials - Perth

Google Analytics Essentials - Perth

The question you’re probably thinking right now: will this course be too basic or advanced for me?

While we assume no prior knowledge with Google Analytics it will be helpful if you already have it installed on your website, or app, and are at least familiar with the interface. Even if you are already a regular GA user, this course will stretch you!

We see many organisations with their Google Analytics settings still in the basic, default mode. GA is a powerful platform but needs to be configured properly to get the best out of it. The big sin however is an analytics report which is generated - and possibly even read - but doesn't provide actionable insights (we prefer to drive, eyes forward, than to remain fixated on a rear window view).

If you currently have Google Analytics installed and can confidently answer the questions below, then this course is not for you:

  • What’s the current make-up of our best (converting) traffic segments by source, and how are we planning to increase traffic volume from these sources?

  • What effect are changes to the workflow of our website and other performance enhancements having on the engagement and conversion rates of our users?
  • How much nominal and actual dollar-value was generated from the traffic from any of our paid campaigns on social media or Google AdWords (for return-on-investment analysis)?
  • Which buckets of content (topics & themes) are drawing quality traffic to our website via organic search, and how are we planning to scale that? What are we NOT being found for that we’d like to be, and how will we address that? Which pages are not being visited, and how will we fix that?

You may be also be wondering, is this course technical? A little yes, but mostly no. We are dealing with a software product, so you’ll need to know your way around it with confidence; and you will come across some new and *geeky* terms and turns of phrase. But fundamentally this is a business-level course, framed within a business context (as are all net101 courses). Furthermore, a proficiency in Google Analytics will take you far – it’s what employers are looking for today in a savvy marketer.

This course can be booked with any other net101 course for a combined 30% discount, i.e. the cost for booking two courses together is $1253. If you are considering doing this we recommend doing the Google Analytics course after your social media one. 

When ready, book online and pay with Visa, MasterCard or Amex, or opt to pay via invoice (emailed to you automatically at the completion of your booking).

Still have some questions? Read our FAQs; flick us an email, or call 1300 946101 to have a chat with somebody in the call centre. Actually, there’s no call centre. That number goes straight to Tim.


Who it's for

You want to build or validate your online business-cases using data.

Who it's not for

You prefer to fly blind.

Program Program PDF (1MB)

1. Account Configuration
An audit of features you should have activated as part of a full account set-up, e.g. setting up different Views of your website to provide user-permissions and levels of data access for your agency, external consultants or your different departments; filtering out traffic data from your own staff; associating your Google AdWords account if you have one; and then activating features such as Site Search (what users are searching for while on your site), Demographics and Interests reporting; SEO insights such as keyword ranking and backlink analysis (via Google Search Console); industry-peer Benchmarking; and user-tagging for remarketing campaigns via Google AdWords. 

2. Platform Features Tour
A comprehensive step-by-step walk-through of the GA interface: how to apply single or combined segments to your data; auto-schedule your key reports, set up automated email notifications for the heads-up on rule-based traffic anomalies, selecting and comparing different data timeframes… and a swag of other power-user tips.

3. Goals & Event Tracking
How to set up and report on the quality of traffic to your site based on user behaviour, i.e. those who perform any action of measurable value for you. Goal and Event tracking could include a contact form submission, views of a particular article or category or articles, a video play, a PDF download, a minimum number of pages viewed as part of a session, users who spend more than a set amount of time on your site, or of course an online purchase.


4. Campaign Tracking
How to track and report on ALL paid and unpaid campaign-level traffic to your site based on the specific call-to-action button or hyperlink that drove users there in the first place. This is an especially powerful tool for return-on-investment analysis across your social media campaigns (or for any of your online campaigns, regardless of the channel).

5. Reporting
Configure meaningful reports – save them, share them, schedule them, create visual dashboards. And then act on them. Draw the bulk of your actionable insights from applying granular segments, or segments in combination, e.g. new vs returning users, demographics and Interests, social media users, mobile users, landing page, location, source, medium, campaign name... and a large number of others.


Image source: Nic Taylor Photography

Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer

Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist, an educator and winelover.


Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer

Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist, an educator and winelover.


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