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Melbourne, VIC
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Website Data Essentials (Google Analytics & Friends) - Melbourne

Website Data Essentials (Google Analytics & Friends) - Melbourne

Technical difficulty: 5/10
Theoretical difficulty: 5/10
Perquisites: You have Google Analytics set up on your website already, and have poked around a report or two.

This is primarily a Google Analytics (GA) course but we will also cover three other free and useful applications to provide you with a more detailed picture of how well your website is currently performing, and importantly, where it can be improved:

  • Google Search Console – useful as a website health check, and for advanced organic search analysis
  • Google Tag Manager – used to easily manage your website tracking tags, especially those used for social media retargeting campaigns
  • generic keyword ranking tools – used to analyse your keyword ranking performance

We assume no prior knowledge with any these supporting applications, but it is a course prerequisite that GA already is installed on your website, blog or app, and that you have at least a basic familiarity with the GA interface. If you are already a regular GA user there will be plenty of new insights and power-tips to take away.

This is NOT a technically driven course. Yes, we will be looking at different application set-ups to get familiar with the key features and where they're sitting, but fundamentally this is a business course to help improve the business effectiveness of your website.

 By the end of this course you will confidently be able to use your GA to:

  • analyse the breakdown of your current website visitors by timeframe and how they got there - organic search, social media, referral, newsletter, paid - by their geographic location, age, gender and interests, or by the paid campaign they clicked from, i.e. any of your social media ads or other paid advertising medium you're using
  • analyse and report on discrete slices of your users and website sessions by applying advanced segments across any aspect of your data
  • install your own goal conversion measures and the weighted values that you will report on, as well as how to isolate different traffic segments to view their own conversion goal performance
  • analyse which website content – specific pages or content categories - are drawing visitors to your website as landing pages, what your least and most popular pages are, and which pages are assisting website goal conversions

This course can be booked with any other net101 course for a combined 35% discount, i.e. the cost of booking two courses together is $1163. If you are considering doing this we recommend doing the Google Analytics course after your social media one. 

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Who it's for

You have a website and you care about getting qualified to it.

Who it's not for

Your website is resting on a wing and a prayer.


Google Analytics (GA)

Account Configuration
A run-through of features to activate as part of a full account set-up:

  • creating 'views' of your website data to provide user-permissions and levels of data access for your agency, external consultants or different staff members
  • filtering out website traffic data from yourself and your own people
  • associating your Google Ads and Google Search Console accounts if you have these
  • activating features such as 'site search' (what users are searching for while on your site), 'demographics' and 'interests' reporting, and industry-peer 'benchmark' reporting 

Features Tour
A comprehensive step-by-step walk-through of the GA interface and its key features

Goals Set-Up
Full set-up of conversion goals, how to assign weighted values, and scheduling of automated, emailed reports incorporating your goals data

Campaign Tracking
Using campaign URLs to track any campaign which is landing traffic back to your website. This is a powerful technique for return-on-investment analysis, especially across your social media advertising campaigns

Conversion Funnels
Conversion funnel visualisations are used to analyse the movement of users through a step-process, e.g. through to a confirmed purchase, a form submission, a donation. Use funnels to analyse at which stages users are dropping off prior to a goal completion 

Segment Analysis & Reporting
How to apply single or multiple segments to your data for advanced analysis, e.g. new or returning users, users with specific demographics and interests, users just from Facebook or  mobile, or users defined by their landing page, their geographic location, the specific campaign source, etc.

Content Reporting
Advanced reporting techniques for your website content – which pages and which types of content are attracting users to your website and are of interest to users once they get to your site

Google Tag Manager (GTM)
An introduction to GTM as an easy way to install and configure multiple tracking tags in your website without needing web developer access. You will find this particularly useful as a set-up for retargeting campaigns you might want to run through any of your social media platforms.

Google Search Console (GSC)
An introduction to GSC as a complement to Google Analytics. Rather than display traffic data it offers a series of dashes which analyse different aspects your website's performance such as (Google) organic search engine visibility, page load speeds, mobile usability, page crawl and indexing data, etc.

Generic keyword ranking tools
An introduction to keyword ranking tools which provide data on how well your domain is ranking for keywords on different search engines, in different countries, using different devices, i.e. desktop or mobile. Can also be used for competitor analysis.  

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Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Facilitator


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


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