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Brisbane, QLD
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Advanced Social Media & Strategy - Brisbane

You already know Social, now it’s time to get Strategic. 

Building on your previous experience using Social Media for business, we’ll help you achieve your organisational objectives to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes.

Learn how to select the optimum mix of Social Media channels to engage your particular target audience; understand how to grow your fan base - and continue to captivate them - with consistently engaging and useful content. Work smarter: save time by using content-scheduling applications, and conserve your energy for creating beguiling, compelling long form copy. Discover how to monitor engagement across multiple platforms at once, and then demonstrate your success using a range of measurement and reportage tools.  

We like to keep the format fairly relaxed, but it’s a tightly focussed learning environment. Class sizes are small – 15 participants, max – so that there’s always time for questions or clarification.

Takeaways: At the end of the day, you’ll have a clearer, more structured, more business-like approach to Social Media. You’ll leave with your handy course book and an open invitation to avail yourself of the mountain of online resources on the net101 website. You’ll also have your Certificate of Training, so you might want to Google a framer on the way home.

Advanced Social Media & Strategy is a stand-alone course, but follows seamlessly on from the Internet Marketing & Social Media Essentials course running the previous day. If you feel you could do with a refresher before you deep dive into the advanced stuff, book both courses, and you’ll qualify for a 30% discount for each course. When ready, book online and pay with Visa, MasterCard or Amex, or opt to pay via invoice (emailed to you automatically at the completion of your booking).

Still have some questions? Check out Tim’s video above, view the course support resources page, read our FAQs; flick us an email, or call 1300 946101 to have a chat with somebody in the call centre. Actually, there’s no call centre. That number goes straight to Tim, the guy holding the fish.


Who it's for

You’re already using Social Media for business, but it’s a bit ad hoc / You’ve attended the net101 Social Media and Internet Marketing Essentials, and you’re ready to get strategic / You need to demonstrate the value of business-level Social Media to others in your organisation / You’re doing millions of things across multiple platforms, and haven’t even got time to attend this course.

Who it's not for

You don’t know your hashtag from your handle (consider signing up for net101 Social Media and Internet Marketing Essentials course) / You’re looking for a ‘set-and-forget’ digital marketing strategy / You just need to spend the training budget before EOFY.

Program Program PDF (1MB)

The overarching aim of this course is to instill business disciplines and accountabilities throughout your social media activity. Major themes (across all platforms) are

  • Definition of objectives
  • Making your social media approaches targeted and strategic
  • Exploring paid social media options
  • Measurement and reportage (including campaign tracking and ROI analysis)
  • Content management

Social Media Strategy Canvas 

  • Define and align. Determine your organisational objectives (i.e. What do you want to achieve? Whom do you want to target?) then align your social media presence to those stated objectives. The scattergun approach is for amateurs. Use targeted, focused campaigns for customer service; sales; lead prospecting; recruitment; crisis management; event coverage or advocacy
  • Maximise and measure. Sometimes it pays to pay: Consider extending your organic reach through paid social media options. Then track and measure your social media assisted conversions for return-on-investment analysis
  • Budget and bridge it: Define a realistic budget to fully support your most important communications and targeted social media advertising campaigns. Then ensure you have clear and compelling bridges (calls-to-action) to move your social media community to your conversion end-points – e.g. your website, retail environment, contact centre, place or event

Facebook Advanced

  • Know who you are: Clearly establish the primary purpose of your Facebook brand page. Is it commercially focused – perhaps with an allocated budget? Is it an advertising platform? A community touch-point? Clarify your objectives then curate your content accordingly
  • Capture their hearts and minds: Grow a quality fan base by giving the right people reasons to keep returning to your page. Entertain, educate, enlighten and amuse before attempting to sell, market or promote
  • Spread the love: Harness the power of the Facebook algorithm – which recognises engaging, high quality content then rewards it by extending your organic (unpaid) reach out to the newsfeeds of existing fans and their friends
  • Turn up the heat: Boost selected posts and run ad campaigns to specific users based on their interests, demographics, or visits to your website (remarketing)
  • Get techy: Install Facebook’s base and conversion pixels on your web properties for campaign conversion tracking and efficient remarketing

Twitter Advanced

  • Focus and target: Don’t waste energy and precious resources following everyone. Utilise keyword and hashtag searches within defined geographical areas to seek out - and actively engage with - the right users

  • Get involved: Participate in the real-time Twitter back-channel. It supports virtually all major professional events happening around the world – including yours

  • Chunk it down: Segment users into manageable lists for marketing and communication purposes

  • Pump it up: Extend the reach of your long-form content by embedding rich media (for example, video and audio streaming) into your tweets

Instagram vs. Pinterest

Two visually based social media platforms - both increasing in popularity - and each with their own particular posting, arrangement and engagement features. Understand their differences then compare their relative merits for branding, events, ecommerce or product categorisation

Social Media Publishing Calendars & Scheduling

  • Create a publishing calendar based on your objectives and resource capabilities
  • Plan your posts (considering format, angle, timing, and distribution) using a content canvas
  • Pre-schedule elements of your social media campaigns using Hootsuite  

Social Media Hashtags

  • Adopt hashtags for #IncreasedContentVisibility
  • Define your hashtags by category and use (e.g. brand positioning; competitions; events etc)
  • Promote your hashtags offline to facilitate sharing and encourage common-interest communities

Social Media Image Management

  • Use strong visual branding across your social media platforms
  • Source high quality free images for your posts
  • Use sophisticated online image editors (free) to crop, overlay, frame, add effects and textures and create collages
  • Enhance image-based posts with simple but effective text and brand overlays


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Image source: Tommy Weir

Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer

Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist, an educator and winelover.


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