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Melbourne, VIC
Advanced Search (SEO) For Marketing & Agency Staff

Advanced Search (SEO) For Marketing & Agency Staff

An advanced course for those who understand the underlying principals of search, but want to take their program to the next level.

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Credibility & Rank Indicators

Understand the factors that control your website’s visibility and your brand’s influence within the online space.

  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Measuring your website’s keyword rank
  • Learn how people access your content


Google Webmaster Tools
Utilise Google’s full suite of Webmaster Tools to understand your site’s indexation and search engine performance.

  • Website verification and XML Sitemap submission
  • Search Query Reports
  • Rectifying website errors


Link-Building Techniques
Learn how links raise a site’s profile, and how to increase your brand’s online presence with a structured Linkbuilding campaign.

  • Assessing link quality
  • Blog commenting, directories, and avoiding link spam
  • Strategising a link-building campaign


Use metatags to control web page titles and descriptions, encouraging user click-through and increasing engagement.

  • Easy-wins with title tag tweaks
  • The perfect meta-description
  • Discover competitor keywords via metadata


Understand the relationship between your site’s content and its findability via search engines, and use this knowledge to learn how to create the right content.

  • Long-tail search
  • Keyword-driven content marketing strategies
  • Techniques to avoid

International Search
Optimise your web properties for country specific search engine prominence. Promote your products or services overseas via organic 'local' search, or target people who are about to visit Australia, but research online prior from their own country.

  • Websites and their country zone indicators
  • Keyword rank as viewed from a country specific perspective
  • Country specific keyword research


Avoiding Blackhat SEO
Learn how to ensure your site’s marketing and SEO never involve practices against Google’s terms of service.

  • Black hat, white hat, grey hat
  • Common blackhat techniques
  • Penalties, appeals and recovery


Advanced Content Marketing (Linkbait)
Leverage creative content ideas from all areas of your business, forming viral content that raises your business’ profile with every share.

  • Researching content themes
  • Deploying keywords in the right places
  • Monitoring, testing and tracking


Competitor SEO Analysis
Understand how SEO metrics control how your site ranks alongside those of your competitors, and how to expose and exploit competitor site weaknesses.

  • Quick competitor side-by-side analysis
  • Data mining competitor sites to uncover SEO strategies
  • Actioning competitive data


Keyword Analysis
Learn how the to choose the right keywords for your niche, and how to ensure these keywords are deployed on your site in an optimal way.

  • Principles of keyword analysis
  • Optimising for the long tail
  • Essentials of keyword deployment

SEO Tools - Practical Aspects
Utilise industry-leading SEO Tools to help at every stage of your online marketing efforts.

  • Discover which free and paid tools are the best for your site
  • Create a software-driven workflow for your SEO campaigns
  • Using online tools to create actionable management reports


Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


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