The Trunk.

Your website: the truck which must support everything else you have online.

Email: an outbound marketing channel without equal; always be inviting visitors to your website to opt into your comms loop, and then invite them back to the site from within the newsletter.  Social media: your community… eventually they’ll end up back at the website (hopefully). Search engine optimisation: a website without wide and varied market-aligned content is like a guitar without strings… you won’t be able to play the informational tunes your target audiences are hungry for. Analytics: track website conversions and value via your most valuable referral sources: email, social and organic search.

Respect the trunk.



2 thoughts on “The Trunk.”

  1. I was having a conversation with a colleague and I found myself thinking “I wonder how Tim would think about that” and here I am! The conversation was about the architecture of a website and the client log in section of that website and how customers behave across the non personalised vs the personalised areas. It then extended into a conversation about the “versions” of the client log in section that exist when accessed from mobile devices. We talk about having websites optimised for the devices but I dont think I have seen anyone really unpack how offers and experiences change, sometimes significantly, when “the trunk” is accessed from a device, with a log in?

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