What to Expect from True Omni-Channel Retailing

There remains the option to browse a full physical product range in-store as per the traditional retail offering. But I should also be able to browse the full product range online with customisation options, calculators and other assistance wizards for certain product categories. Newer store formats won’t necessarily stock their full range, but will be able to provide samples for demonstration purposes, to touch or to try on. Both physical store formats will be able to offer me product advice and take required measurements. I should also be able to browse the retailer’s online store while I’m in the physical store via terminals or supplied wirelessly connected tablets.

I should be able to order online anywhere for later delivery, including from any of the retailer’s physical stores via their own website or through an in-store staff member.

I should be given options to have the item shipped to a home or office address, picked up from any of the retailer’s physical stores, or delivered to a locally nominated pick-up facility with 24/7 access.

I should be able to return a mail-sized item to a local postal address, irrespective of where the retailer is based. I should also be able to drop the item off at any of their physical stores, or leave it at the same local facility with 24/7 access that I picked it up from originally. 

I should have the option to keep an online account with a credit balance, have the refund paid back into my financial institution, or to collect the cash amount from any of the retailer’s physical stores.


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