Strange things oft seen


Strange things oft seen:

  • A website without a telephone number
  • An ‘About Us’ section devoid of information about people
  • A website without installed analytics
  • A website with installed analytics that no-one is analysing
  • A contact form with no response-time commitment
  • A cheesy stock image already seen on 1089 other websites
  • A negative online business review without an owner response
  • A positive online business review without an owner response
  • A social media profile page without fully customised branding
  • A query/ complaint/ comment on a social media account gone unacknowledged
  • A personal LinkedIn profile without a profile pic
  • A blog post posted from a person named ‘Admin’
  • A Facebook brand page with no codified and visible House Rules
  • A public or private event of size without a centrally communicated hashtag
  • A repetitive hard-sell newsletter
  • A repetitive hard-sell newsletter

Ooh, look over there!

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