Could you like us please?


Hey, we were wondering if you could like us?

We’re a likeable business, you probably know that already – we’re just asking you to formalise the obvious by making it publicly known. It’s no big deal, we know it doesn’t mean anything that important, but still, it would really help us out. We could like you back if that makes your decision easier? We could go first as a sign of good faith? We’re more than happy to do that because we like you, and if you go ahead and like us that would just cement things. Amigos forever. We could even like some of your friends if that would help them out – you see, that’s what I’m talking about, the sort of thing friends do for one another without being asked. No probs! Haha, yes of course it’s all just a silly game – we know that, and we know that you know that we know that – but still it would help us a million if you could.  So how about it? Like us that is.

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