NET:101 Telephone Essentials for Business Course

Following on from our popular ‘Photocopying for Success’ workshop we bring you the next in our Office Technology series.

97% of Australian consumers use, or would consider using, the telephone as a way to contact their preferred businesses – yet many organisations have not confidently embraced the technology. This workshop will provide a roadmap for the introduction and adoption of the telephone in your business. Can you afford not to talk with your customers – even if they’re not in the room? This full-day session is presented in a practical learning format: real telephones will be used in an interactive class setting limited to 22 people. A Certificate of Training is provided.

NB: A series discount applies: if you book this workshop in conjunction with the ‘Photocopying for Success’ and ‘Printer Mastery’ workshops, you will receive a 20% discount. Please contact us for the promo code before registering. Have any questions? View our FAQ’s or call us.




Building the Business Case Internally
It may not be fully understood by senior management what the business benefits of a telephone are. We will present compelling case-studies from the commercial, government and NFP sectors where telephones has been successfully introduced.

Calculating Telephone Return on Investment (ROI)
Counter the common objection to installing a telephone in your workplace: “But how will we quantify the return?” While there is no fixed ROI formula there are ways to calculate demonstrated value by tracking ‘assisted business conversions’ using an analogue notation ledger (pad and pen).

Setting Your Telephone Objectives
Introducing a telephone into your organisation without management buy-in and objective setting can be risky. Utilise our 4-point framework to identify, then articulate the objectives to others: customer relations, crisis management, sales and recruitment.

Telephone Etiquette
Knowing how to interact with and speak on the telephone can be baffling, even for seasoned operators – we will build your confidence when dealing with situations such as: receiving calls from people you’ve never met in person, answering a call without knowing who’s calling, working out the order in which two people should talk, what to do if you need to go to the toilet in the middle of a call, and how to terminate a conversation without causing offence.

The Telephone as an Outbound Communications Channel
It’s not widely known that the telephone can also be used to initiate calls, not just receive them. While the business need for this may not be immediately obvious it’s an important option to keep open.

Telephone Terminology
Learn new telephone terms and use them with confidence. We will demystify expressions such as “Hello?”, “Who shall I say is calling?” and “How do you spell that?”

Building a Multi-Telephone Strategy (Group Exercise)
Is your business advanced to the point that more than one telephone might be necessary? We will run a mapping exercise to determine whether your organisation is positioned to take full advantage of a second (or even third) telephone.

Physical Placement
A telephone must be carefully positioned within your workplace for maximum effectiveness. Find out which rooms are ideal for telephones and which are not.

Telephone Number Registration
Identifying authorised providers to secure your unique 8 digit telephone number.

Telephone Trouble-Shooting & Maintenance
Learn how to increase or decrease ring volume, deal with cord tangles, and maintain a high standard of mouth and ear-piece hygiene.