8 Internet & Social Media Marketing Podcasts to get your Ears Firmly Wrapped Around


Books are still the best way to go deep on a subject. I don’t believe a short-form content diet consisting of Twitter and the occasional single page online article is going to help anyone understand what internet marketing or social media is, how it came to be, what it can (and can’t) do, and where it’s headed.

For myself, I manage to read about a dozen books a year related to my work – only a fraction of what I’d like to be reading “if only I had more time”. Happily I keep up to speed with long-form content through podcasts. They’re free, easy to pull down onto any mp3 player or smartphone, on demand, and can be enjoyed while doing other things such as commuting or exercising – or in my case, walking the dog.

Here’s what I’m listening to:

1. Marketing Over Coffee (USA)
Weekly, approx 25 minutes. iTunes Download

Recorded in a coffee shop – hence the name. A snappy weekly round-up of the developments within the online space that have implications for business owners. The two hosts are articulate, amusing, and talk from their own hands-on experience. They also run occasional interviews with accomplished industry players. My favourite podcast.

2. Six Pixels Of Separation (Canada)
Weekly, approx 45 minutes. iTunes Download

Host, Mitch Joel runs a large agency in Canada. He’s a thinker who enjoys challenging status quo thinking. His podcast has moved into an interview format – his interviewees are all deep-divers in their respective fields. Philosophical level insights in abundance.

3. Media Hacks – Six Pixels Of Separation (USA/ Canada)
Sporadic, approx 40 minutes. iTunes Download

Mitch Joel as host again, but with his mates along for the ride (I think of them as the ‘Social Media Rat Pack’). It’s free-form, there’s swearing, numerous disagreements, tirades – lots of gritty goodness. I wish the shows were more frequent.

4. Digital Living – ABC Local (Australia)
Fortnightly, approx 25 minutes. iTunes Download

Home grown Australian fare out of the Riverina. It’s slightly geeky, smart, and comes with academic level perspectives (which is what you’d would expect from a bunch of academics).

5. TWIT – This Week In Tech (USA)
Weekly, approx 90 minutes. iTunes Download

Leo Laporte is the ‘Prince of Podcasting’. His TWIT show runs a panel format with 3-4 guests in each episode. It’s mostly a review of what been happening in the online/ technology space with political, legal and business angles explored. The discussion runs fast, it’s insightful from multiple perspectives, and often times funny. The 90 minute format allows for deep topic analysis.

6. On The Record (USA)
Weekly, more or less, 30 – 60 minutes. iTunes Download

A PR podcast with a focus on social media (or possibly vice versa). Mostly interview format. Smart stuff. There’s also a sub-set of podcasts within the program on B2B social media which are excellent.

7. Intuitive Websites (USA)
Monthly, more or less, approx 25 minutes. iTunes Download

Focused on the website as the centerpiece of any online strategy. Topics span search, design, navigation, analytics, content, etc. They include a useful action point summary at the end of each episode.

8. Internet Marketing (UK)
Fortnightly, more or less, approx 20 minutes. iTunes Download

More helpful business level advice from people who eat their own dog food. Their topics skew towards the website, especially search engine optimisation. They also run interviews, and a listener Q&A round-up. The style is relaxed and filled with the easy flow banter the English are so good at.

Image by anna_t