social media online digital guru wanted! #youaretheone

Our client wants to kick their social online digital media presence into the strat-os-phere! The challenge: get them there with limited resources, a minuscule budget and virtually no internal support. It’s BYO kombucha, jet-pack and it’s total craziness!

It’s essential you already be a social media rockstar, influencer type with 12+ years experience across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Weibo and blogging. And your flash mastery of every new online thing where-the-cool-kids-are is a given. With hyper-drive and sheer guts determination you’ll generate more followers and likes than all of our client’s competitors added together. That’s just what social media gurus do!

You have an online hipster-persona thing happening already – and just as well because you’ll frequently be required to communicate with external stakeholders using cutting-edge hashtags and emoji! O; Luckily, your totally-slaying-it persona is backed up with a mega-brain, as you’ll be capturing and analysing swaths of data. Yes, you’re also a triple black-belt ninja when it comes to analytics!

Cut code? You know you do. Good thing because Bob the Builder won’t have anything on you by the time you’re finished designing and launching 7 new websites for the 7 brands in our client’s portfolio. Plus, you’ll get to show off your talents as an accomplished wordsmith – the content for each new site will need to be written from scratch!

Oh, and did we mention search engine optimisation? Not a problem for you, right!? Using your own secret magic SEO sauce, you’ll propel our client to the top of Google for the most popular 500 keywords in their industry space. What algorithm you say – boom!

Once you’ve trimmed our client’s sails and have them sailing smooth you’ll get the chance to relax with the set-up of an international online affiliate sales program. We just call that bonus fun!

Interested? Up for the challenge? We’d love to hear from you – just @us!

(TRP up to $42K for the right candidate, plus $50 iTunes gift card starting bonus)

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