Pushing, Pulling and the Passing of Frozen Fish


3 ways to let the market know you have frozen fish for sale:

1. Push (Mass Media)

C’mon, push it reeeal good! Throw serious coin at a mass media channel to crank out an ad to run in short cycle bursts. Pay a premium for wide reach, albeit with hit and miss targeting (the fresh fruit folk just can’t understand why they’re seeing frozen fish ads everywhere). May as well throw a dubious claim into the mix to get their attention: “Our fish are double-frozen for longer-lasting enjoyment”.

2. Pull (Online Search)

Publish a bucket of high quality, non-sales related frozen fish information online through your website, your blog or YouTube. Wait for people to pull it to themselves as part of their research process via their search engine of choice. It’s now a precisely targeted, self-selecting audience you’re talking to. Anticipate their frozen fish related concerns, questions and decision pain-points, and address them all. Go one step further: position yourself as a marketplace authority on frozen fish. Rely on people’s general intelligence to work out who the credible players are in the marketplace, and who they should be buying their frozen fish from at a time and place of their choosing.

3. Pass (Social Media)

Be the gracious host. Build up a community through a social media platform – frozen fish folk who appreciate your presence, useful insights and here-to-help attitude. Wear the brand-hat proudly, but don’t ruin the experience by drawing everything in the shape of a frozen fish. Educate, entertain and inform your guests and let them share, pass on, your branded stories with peers who share their tastes. Yes, even frozen fish can be the talk of the town if you give people something to talk about.

NB: No fish were hurt in the writing of this post. In fact this isn’t a post about frozen fish and how to sell more of them (unless of course you want it to be).