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3 Little Pigs Redux


Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. One pig built his brand online made only from paid advertising while the second pig built his brand online made only from social media. They built their houses very quickly and then sang and danced all day because they were lazy. The third little pig who had recently completed a net101 course applied his learnings and worked hard all day to build his brand online from a website and a blog. He then filled them with the richest of content and reinforced both with analytics.

A big bad wolf saw the two little pigs while they danced and played and thought, “What juicy tender meals they will make!” He chased the two pigs and they ran and hid in their houses. The big bad wolf went to the first house and huffed and puffed and blew the house down in minutes, for the pig had maxed-out his credit card to pay for his ads. The frightened little pig ran to the second pig’s house that was made of social media. The big bad wolf now came to this house and huffed and puffed and blew the house down in hardly any time, for it wasn’t really the little pig’s house at all – it was owned by a third-party corporation located in America, and the terms of service had changed earlier that afternoon. Now, the two little pigs were terrified and ran to the third pig’s house that was made of the reinforced website and blog.

The big bad wolf tried to huff and puff and blow the house down, but he could not. He kept trying for hours but the house was very strong and the little pigs were safe inside. He tried to enter through the chimney but the third little pig boiled a big pot of analytic insights and kept it below the chimney. The wolf fell into it and died, just as the data had predicted.

The two little pigs now felt sorry for having been so lazy. They too built their business brands online with strong websites and blogs and lived happily ever after.

Sitting on the floor cross-legged storytime version:

Blogs are the Rubber-Men of Online Publishing


Blogs are versatile, flexible and easy to use publishing platforms with a wide variety of personal and professional applications.

Blog Features
  • Full branding flexibility
  • Sits on own domain (optional)
  • Hosted by yourself (optional)
  • Free open-source software (WordPress)
  • Access to free or inexpensive themes (layout and functionality)
  • Mobile responsive themes out of the box (most are today)
  • Free third party plug-ins, e.g. ecommerce
  • Easy to find a WordPress developer
  • Google Analytics reporting (optional)
  • Conversational via ‘leave a comment’ (pre-moderated)
  • Search engine visibility
  • Self-arranges posts into category and/or month folders
  • Internal keyword search function
  • Easy to cross-reference other posts via category tags and hypertext
  • Easy to directly link to specific website pages from within posts and vice-versa
  • Easy to cross-post to other social media
  • New post notifications via email subscribe
  • Single or multi-authorship
  • Guest posts (optional)
  • Cross-posts (optional)
Blog Use-Cases
  • Standard website – no blogging functionality
  • Personal or corporate
  • Content marketing / genre specific
  • Curation of third party content
  • Media room/ official mouth-piece
  • Inverted intranet
  • eCommerce
  • Conference/ event support
  • Specific brand, geographic market or campaign support
  • Customer support – knowledge bank
  • Community/ cause support
  • Crisis management touch-point
Supported Media
  • Short-form text (single paragraph)
  • Long-form text (no limit)
  • Images
  • Streaming video
  • Streaming audio
  • Embedded social media posts
  • Downloadable files
  • Forms
  • Plug-ins


Alternate Blog Types:
Art Blogs






Vlogs (video)




Blogging Feature Examples

Social Media Post Embeds
Grab the embed code from a specific social media post and insert.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.09.08 AM


Internal and External Hyperlinking
Cross-reference to another blog post you’ve published or link to anywhere outside of your blog.


File Downloads
invite readers to download a file or a PDF such as the NET:101 Advanced Social Media & Strategy program.


Insert a formatted table with column and row number control.

Red Blue Green Yellow
Pink Brown Purple Orange
Indigo Violet White Black