8 Agency Do’s & Don’ts Within the Online Space

Online agencies – some of them are helpful and others, well, not so much. Based on my own observations here’s a hit-list of what any client should reasonably expect from you as their agency or consultant:

1/  If a client expresses interest, take the time to explain what you are doing, why and how – empower them at every opportunity to help themselves.

2/  Don’t charge for jobs which only take a few minutes to complete – even if the client thinks it must have taken you much longer.

3/  Freely hand over the login details for any online accounts which you have set up on behalf of your client.

4/  Don’t charge to send through data-laden reports – only charge for actionable insights you’re able to pull from the data.

5/  Don’t engage in black-hat SEO techniques (if a client seems to want this, explain the risks).

6/  Don’t pretend you can do everything – refer work onto specialists where appropriate (what goes around comes around).

7/  If a client is still without a website CMS that they can easily handle internally, take the time to explain to them why they are being disadvantaged in terms of time and money.

8/  If a client’s business is not suited to Facebook, don’t sell them a Facebook presence.

[Image by Nomadic Lass]