Blogs are the Rubber-Men of Online Publishing


Blogs are versatile, flexible and easy to use publishing platforms with a wide variety of personal and professional applications.

Blog Features
  • Full branding flexibility
  • Sits on own domain (optional)
  • Hosted by yourself (optional)
  • Free open-source software (WordPress)
  • Access to free or inexpensive themes (layout and functionality)
  • Mobile responsive themes out of the box (most are today)
  • Free third party plug-ins, e.g. ecommerce
  • Easy to find a WordPress developer
  • Google Analytics reporting (optional)
  • Conversational via ‘leave a comment’ (pre-moderated)
  • Search engine visibility
  • Self-arranges posts into category and/or month folders
  • Internal keyword search function
  • Easy to cross-reference other posts via category tags and hypertext
  • Easy to directly link to specific website pages from within posts and vice-versa
  • Easy to cross-post to other social media
  • New post notifications via email subscribe
  • Single or multi-authorship
  • Guest posts (optional)
  • Cross-posts (optional)
Blog Use-Cases
  • Standard website – no blogging functionality
  • Personal or corporate
  • Content marketing / genre specific
  • Curation of third party content
  • Media room/ official mouth-piece
  • Inverted intranet
  • eCommerce
  • Conference/ event support
  • Specific brand, geographic market or campaign support
  • Customer support – knowledge bank
  • Community/ cause support
  • Crisis management touch-point
Supported Media
  • Short-form text (single paragraph)
  • Long-form text (no limit)
  • Images
  • Streaming video
  • Streaming audio
  • Embedded social media posts
  • Downloadable files
  • Forms
  • Plug-ins


Alternate Blog Types:
Art Blogs






Vlogs (video)




Blogging Feature Examples

Social Media Post Embeds
Grab the embed code from a specific social media post and insert.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.09.08 AM


Internal and External Hyperlinking
Cross-reference to another blog post you’ve published or link to anywhere outside of your blog.


File Downloads
invite readers to download a file or a PDF such as the NET:101 Advanced Social Media & Strategy program.


Insert a formatted table with column and row number control.

Red Blue Green Yellow
Pink Brown Purple Orange
Indigo Violet White Black


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