About your LinkedIn profile pic…


LinkedIn is a network of professionals. You’re a professional. You need to look the part. These types of profile pics just don’t make the grade:

The Placeholder
No image at all. Faceless. Unrecognisable. Lazy.

The Full Body
A little bit fancy, but when rendered as a 50 X 50 thumbnail against your status updates and posts I can’t make out your face.

The Fam
It’s the whole family (inc. your dog). Lovely, but way too much back-story.

The Person of Action
So that’s you trekking in the Himalayas/ skydiving/ competing in a half-marathon – and your point is…?

The Party Girl/ Guy
You love to party, and here you are just a little bit pissed (we can tell that by the way you’re neck-clutching that bottle of Moet).

The Selfie

The I’m-So-Sexy
Well, that certainly is a VAST AMOUNT of cleavage.

The Fancy Dress
You’re dressed as a zombie and that scares me. You’re in a tuxedo and that scares me even more.

The Younger You
You from 10+ years ago – fine if you’re not planning on ever meeting anyone in person.

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