6 Cloud Based Apps that Rock my Business

Highrise – our contact management system. My virtual PA also routes all customer email communications through it.

Dropbox – Great for moving synchronised files between my 3 desktop and laptop computers.

Google Sites – We use Google Sites as a private wiki. My virtual PA dumps all of my interstate travel info here: client research, hotel and flight booking attachments, Google Map embeds showing routes to and from various meeting points, etc.  Like all wikis it has a full revision history.

Google Docs – I upload all of the docs, mostly Excel files, that I want to share with others, e.g my virtual service providers, bookkeeper, accountant, etc.

Gmail – Always on, always there. I never delete anything sent or received, including attachments, because the storage allowance is huge; it’s sort of become a de facto file back-up.

Google Calendar – I share different calendar layers with half a dozen people; I have layers for flight and accomodation bookings, tax dates, meetings, workshops, home, etc . The multiple email/ SMS reminder function is a lifesaver.

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